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Pureinsights has deep expertise building e-commerce search applications with conventional search engines, including open source products like Solr, Elasticsearch, and OpenSearch. Now we can take you “Beyond Search”, using Generative AI models like ChatGPT and Google Bard together with Vector Search, Knowledge Graphs, and Natural Language Processing to modernize your organization’s search capabilities and deliver the intuitive search experience users want. “Just make it work like Google.”


205 Van Buren St., Herndon VA 20170 (USA)




  • Site Search
  • Analytics
  • Website Optimization
  • Personalization

Products & Services

  • Website Design and Development

Typical Pricing

Consulting, Technology and Managed Services for E-Commece Search


  • Motion Industries
  • Dennis Kirk
  • Lands' End
  • Locally
  • Fruugo

Partnerships & Certifications

  • Algolia Partner
  • Coveo Partner
  • MongoDB Partner
  • Elastic Partner
  • OpenSearch Partner


  • Kamran Khan, CEO
  • Graham Gillen, VP Marketing
  • Phil Lewis, CTO
  • John Back, VP of Sales, Americas
  • Graham Charlesworth, VP of Sales, EMEA

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Our business depends on our search capability and Pureinsights provides unique search expertise and technology that allows us to focus on our business.
Ben Hirsch
CTO and Co-Founder,
Pureinsights were able to migrate our websites quickly and efficiently, and they have been providing excellent support. We are confident that our new websites will help us better serve our clients.
Anne McEvilly
President and CEO, Aldrich & Bonnefin