Research shows shoppers buy more–and are happier with their shopping experiences–when retailers customize product offerings and promotions to their unique preferences. But, despite having access to technology that could personalize the web experience for every shopper, retailers are not making the investments necessary and are likely losing sales as a result.

This exclusive research report, compiled by Internet Retailer and Reflektion, evaluates the top 100 online retailers on their personalization efforts. Internet Retailer made visits to the merchants’ e-commerce sites to collect extensive data. An analysis of that data shows that only about half of the retailers studied have mastered even the basics of web personalization.

Find out how retailers fared and learn where experts say there is room for improvement. The report touches on a number of personalization techniques including:

  • Effectively tailoring recommended products to consumers based on their browsing history
  • Remembering consumers’ preferences from visit to visit
  • Email personalization

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