An online retailer’s peak season is the year’s high point of traffic and sales, and typically the merchant’s most important season, because it accounts for a disproportionate amount of yearly revenue. But not all retailers identify the November-December winter holiday sales period as their peak season. In addition to the “holiday season” of Christmas and Hanukkah, this report dives into four more holidays or periods that are key online shopping times in the U.S. that together generated $136.69 billion online from Halloween 2017 through back-to-school 2018.

The Key Findings from the 2018 Peak Seasons Report is an exclusive 21-page sneak peek of the full 2018 Peak Seasons Report and analyzes Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, back-to-school season, Halloween and the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays, which all have a strong online sale component.

This summary report provides you with:

  • Overview of the differences in the annual holidays for online retailers and how merchants prepare for their peak season
  • 2+ charts and tables revealing data on Black Friday deals and Amazon’s share of total online sales
  • Marketing analysis of the Christmas shopping season

The full, 71-page report includes:

  • Total amount spent online for each holiday
  • 35 charts and tables showcasing trends in peak season
  • E-commerce’s share of sales compared with total retail spending for the holiday
  • The main shopping time period for each holiday
  • Interviews with key online retailers for each holiday’s main product categories
  • Analysis of web traffic increases for the holiday
  • Examination of the retailers that generate the most search ad clicks for appropriate categories per holiday
  • Conversion rate increases for key retailers per holiday
  • Breakdown of most-opened emails, their subject lines and send dates for top retailers for each holiday
  • Study of consumer spending patterns for each holiday, either by product pricing, average order value or when shoppers are spending the most for each peak season
  • Chapter on performance management during a peak traffic period

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