Facing the challenges of pleasing customers in an increasingly digital economy, B2B professionals gathered at the second annual B2B Next Conference & Exhibition to discuss the latest trends, technologies and strategies.

This report provides an inside look at many of the topics discussed at the second annual B2B Next conference and exhibition in Chicago in the fall of 2019. It covers points made by keynote speakers and industry luminaries Patty McCord and Larry Keeley on how to manage personnel and innovate in thriving B2B online businesses, and it provides details from several presentations by speakers from manufacturers and distributors. Companies and topics featured in the presentations are Dow and online customer experience; HPE and its marketplace strategy; Pall Corp.’s method of blending digital commerce technology and businesses processes; Unilever’s method of building a global ecommerce platform; and the strategy behind RepairClinic.com’s increase in online conversion rates.

The report also comes with a link to content on several B2B ecommerce best-practices case studies, plus thought-leadership articles by sponsors Coveo and LiveArea.

Compliments of our sponsors: Coveo, LiveArea


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