How free-flowing customer and product data boost results for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors—and their sales reps

Ecommerce suddenly became a more important sales channel during the coronavirus pandemic for companies that sell to businesses, as such traditional sales methods as trade shows and in-person visits were curtailed. But many salespeople who work for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors see ecommerce as a threat, which is slowing adoption by many organizations.

That need not be the case. Business-to-business companies find that when digital information flows freely through a company, including through the company’s ecommerce site, sales reps can do their jobs better, build customer loyalty and increase the organization’s sales.

This report provides examples of companies that have successfully deployed ecommerce in ways that enable their sales teams to focus on higher-value services instead of routine order-taking, benefiting customers, the companies and the sales reps. It will also provide tips on how to minimize conflicts with the sales team on the path to digital transformation and address the thorny issue of compensation.

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