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Spreadshirt Inc. is an online retailer of custom T-shirts and other apparel and accessories. Customers can make, buy and sell their designs in the Spreadshirt retail marketplace. The company is active in 19 markets, and customers can select from 12 languages and 11 currencies. Spreadshirt operates production sites in Germany, Poland and the U.S. The e-retailer offers Amazon third-party checkout as a payment option for global customers. To make online shopping more convenient for those shoppers, Spreadshirt integrated login and payment with Amazon in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.S. An optimized social sharing function is on the mobile marketplace and in the shop’s mobile view.


186 South St., Boston MA 2111

Parent Company AG (Spreadshirt)

Merchant Type

Web Only

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2004

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