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In February 2017, home improvement products retailer Lowe’s announced plans to hire 45,000 seasonal employees to help it meet the springtime rush in stores. Part of that hire would be for loaders to assist the increasing number of customers who order products online at and pick them up at their local store. Roughly 60% of online orders at are picked up in stores, Lowe’s said. In the second quarter of 2016, Lowe’s relaunched its website with improved site search capabilities and product recommendations, larger product images, and expanded product views including video. The new site helped to drive 20% year-over-year growth in online sales in the third quarter, Lowe’s said.


1000 Lowe's Blvd., Mooresville NC 28117

Parent Company

Lowe's Inc.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category

Hardware/Home Improvement

Year Launched: 1998

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