How online apparel retailers compare to other top online merchants

Of the 242 apparel merchants in the Top 1000, almost half are consumer brand manufacturers, with 118 of this merchant type. 61 retailers are web-only, 59 are retail chains and four are direct marketers.

Web-only merchants were the fastest-growing merchant type in 2021, and are projected to be the fastest in 2022, with 18.5% growth in 2022. In both years, retail chains are the slowest growing, increasing web sales 11.1% year over year in 2021 and with projected 2.1% growth in 2022.

Overall, apparel merchants have a median average ticket of $142 compared with the overall Top 1000 at $158.

Apparel merchants also have a median conversion rate of 2.7%, compared with the overall Top 1000 at 2.8%.

Top 1000 apparel retailers are leaders when it comes to offering services for shoppers.

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