Home Goods Online Shopping Statistics for 2022

Fulfillment for home goods retailers remains a challenge, as items are often large and cumbersome to deliver. With rising fuel and freight costs and supply chain strain, consumer brand manufacturers that offer any free shipping dropped to 76.7% compared with 84.4% in 2020. Retail chains offering some type of free shipping jumped to 72.7% in 2021 compared with 56.6% in 2020. And web-only home goods retailers remained the same as last year at 80.6%.

Consumer brand manufacturers offering free shipping with a threshold represented 18.6%, down from 22.2% in 2020. Retail chains increased slightly to 31.8% in 2021 compared with 30.4% in 2020, and web-only merchants dropped to 41.7% in 2021 compared with 44.4% in 2020.

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