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B2B digital commerce and transformation are big priorities for Sysco, with changes already on the way, says chief merchandising officer Victoria Gutierrez.

Sysco Corp. is one the world’s biggest food distribution companies, with annual sales approaching $40 billion.

A big priority for the company is digital commerce and transformation, Sysco chief merchandising officer Victoria Gutierrez tells Digital Commerce 360.

“We are doing a lot of digital implementations,” she says.

Sysco implements B2B digital commerce changes

Sysco says 80% of all the business it does with independent food and beverage companies is done digitally. And for Sysco, making ecommerce happen up close and personal for customers is a strategic and corporate priority, Gutierrez says.


“We are giving the customer the digital solutions they want and need,” Gutierrez says.

Here are three ways Sysco is making B2B ecommerce work faster and better for its customer base in restaurants, health care, and educational facilities, lodging establishments, and other customers who prepare meals away from home.

  1. Personalization. Since 2021, Sysco has been adding digital tools by enhancing and personalizing customer offers, improving search and order entry, adding the Spanish language, and increasing customer conversion rates.
  2. More features. In the past few years Sysco has deployed more than 100 new feature enhancements including a new homepage, new category and cuisine pages, improved search and navigation, and a new Deals for You page.
  3. Centralized pricing. Introduced a data-driven pricing system to improve “right on price” at the customer and item level.
    “Our centralized pricing tool has given us the ability to be what we call, right on price at the region, customer, and item level,” says CEO Kevin Hourican.

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