How Essity is driving a worldwide B2B ecommerce experience

Essity is investing in digital commerce in a big way, in the United States and worldwide. The multibillion-dollar manufacturer is behind such brands as Tork, TENA, Leukoplast and Jobst. The company is responding to its global customers’ shift to online commerce.

Traditional sales still account for a large part of Essity’s revenue. Even so, it is well on its way toward an overhaul of its digital commerce strategy and technology. That includes direct sales to individual consumers and indirect sales through all sizes of B2B channel partners.

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Betting on digital commerce


Daniele Tedesco, global ecommerce product owner, Essity

“Digital commerce, both direct and indirect, will continue to significantly contribute to our profit margin and revenue growth,” says Daniele Tedesco. Tedesco leads Essity’s digital commerce roadmap as the company’s global ecommerce product owner.

That map extends throughout an already-sizable operation. Essity is a global health and hygiene company with Swedish roots. It develops, produces, and markets professional hygiene and personal care products across 40 brands in over 150 countries. It sells to consumers, distributors, health care facilities, pharmacies and medical device stores.

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