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Salesforce's new generative AI tools are focused on increasing productivity and conversions for retailers who aren't sure how to start with the new technology.

Salesforce released a lineup of new generative AI tools for retailers and consumers who shop with them. The technology will work using Salesforce’s recently announced Einstein 1 platform. In addition, the platform can use large language models (LLMs) with retail or shopper data to create generative apps and automation, the software company says. 

“Companies that leverage their customers’ data effectively to build trusted, connected commerce experiences will see stronger customer loyalty and profitability,” Jujhar Singh, executive vice president and general manager of Salesforce Customer 360 Applications and Industries, said in a statement. “Every business must focus on driving efficiency and growth with new integrated and AI-powered innovations that enable a faster path to purchase and greater customer satisfaction.”

Salesforce provides technology services to retailers in the Digital Commerce 360 Top 1000, including to 69 retailers as an ecommerce platform, 55 for content delivery network, and 56 for web hosting and cloud services. The Top 1000 is Digital Commerce 360’s ranking of the largest online retailers in North America by sales.

Salesforce generative AI tools for productivity

Salesforce’s newest AI releases are all intended to give retailers ways to use the emerging technology in relatively low-risk ways, says Michael Affronti, general manager of the Commerce Cloud. Retailer clients tell Salesforce they want to use generative AI, but they’re nervous about implementation and maintaining privacy protections. That’s why the products in this release from Salesforce are focused directly on improving productivity as an easy way for retailers to test the waters, Affronti says. 

As part of the new rollout, Salesforce debuted Page Designer, a tool that allows retailers to build web pages through text prompts. Retailers can customize the design or specify that it mirrors existing branded web pages. For now, Page Designer is in the pilot stage, though Salesforce already claims to be seeing results among early users. During pilot testing, the tool has increased designer productivity 10%-30%, Affronti says. 


Generative AI tools to increase conversion

In another new launch, the Return Insights Tool gives retailers insights based on returns data. It uses generative AI to look for patterns in the data, then gives retailers suggested changes to product display pages that could minimize future returns. It also monitors reviews and reasons for returns to give those retailers specific ways to address issues causing frequent returns. Return Insight is available now, according to Salesforce.

Salesforce also detailed a new inventory management tool. The Inventory Insights tool gives retailers almost real-time access to information about their inventory and insights based on it. Insights based on the data can help in anticipating future demand and advising customer service workers on specific product recommendations when upselling to customers during service requests.

Other new insights from the announced offerings will be based on shopper data delivered through a feature called Customer and Product Insights. For example, the Commerce Cloud and Data Cloud will tell retailers the top product bundles customers buy, and the most engaged customers’ demographics, which can be leveraged to make strategic decisions. Inventory Insights and Customer and Product Insights will be available in summer 2024, Salesforce said.

What did Salesforce release for consumers?

Salesforce also announced Einstein Copilot for Shoppers. The generative AI assistant will have conversations with consumers through ecommerce stores or messaging apps and make product recommendations. Einstein Copilot takes into account a particular consumer’s preferences, location, purchase history, and other factors to make an appropriate recommendation. The consumer can then complete the purchase within the conversation.


Salesforce says Einstein Copilot for Shoppers will be available in summer 2024. The software company isn’t releasing specific results from the pilot test yet, but Copilot has adoption equal to or greater than traditional chatbots in tests, Affronti says. 

Other Salesforce releases

Salesforce announced its new releases on the first day of the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York City.

Prior to these latest generative AI features, Salesforce announced a new integration with Amazon’s Buy with Prime. Buy with Prime allows consumers to check out using Amazon’s payment systems and receive orders using Amazon’s fulfillment network from a website other than Amazon.com. Retailers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud will have access to Buy with Prime later in 2024, the companies said. 

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