Forrester Research advises in a recent report that companies investing in data, AI, and channel partner collaboration will endure — and even find exhilarating — a wild ride ahead caused by new technologies and increasingly demanding buyers.

Buckle up, B2B companies, and get ready for a turbulent ride through 2024.

Teams that double down on customer analysis and understanding ... will find the ride exhilarating.

Laura Ramos, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research

That’s the advice from Forrester Research in the report, “Predictions 2024: B2B Marketing, Sales, and Product,” by vice president and principal analyst Laura Ramos and other Forrester analysts.

Forrester advises that B2B marketing, sales and product teams “face a turbulent year ahead, full of partner-centered growth and productivity ups as well as demand, technology and regulatory/legal downs.”

It asserts that generative AI may broadly impact all teams across marketing, sales and product, “with a mix of both success and failures” throughout 2024.


But Forrester adds: “Teams that double down on customer analysis and understanding, address buyer preferences, and enrich collaboration with [channel] partners will find the ride exhilarating.”

GenAI tops the B2B challenges

Topping off the challenges ahead is generative AI, which Forrester predicts will sift through customer data for insights that will direct one in five new product launches. But while GenAI will help make 2024 a bumper year for new products, Forrester warns that “thinly customized GenAI content will degrade purchase experience for 70%” of B2B buyers by failing “to demonstrate an understanding of their organization’s business conditions or needs.”

To deepen understanding of B2B buyers, Forrester says “B2B marketers should invest in fresh buyer and customer persona interviews and use the transcripts to guide AI-generated content personalization efforts,” adding: “We anticipate that one-third or fewer will do so, but those who do will see their investment in AI-generated content pay off.


Among its other 2024 predictions, Forrester says half of B2B companies will boost partner ecosystem technology investment. It suggests those companies consider collaboration in such areas as GenAI, co-marketing and partner-led marketplaces.

Paul Demery is a Digital Commerce 360 contributing editor covering B2B digital commerce technology and strategy. [email protected].

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