What are the big trends shaping B2B Commerce in 2024—and what are the actions smart organizations are taking for the year ahead. Join us for an informative webinar that sifts through the hype to help you make the right B2B Commerce decisions in 2024.

For sure AI is on the list — but it’s also about critical technologies like inventory management, search/discovery, and platform infrastructure.

Learn from our panel of experts—and ask live questions:

  • What does 2024 bring that we either didn’t really get to in 2023 or it is just emerging?
  • What is the key factor in evaluating platform function? Search, PIM, or platform—what should you be focused on?
  • Is AI Integration a Game-Changer for B2B E-commerce, or Just Hype?
  • Native mobile apps in B2B – is the juice worth the squeeze?
  • Who is truly ready for a composable technology architecture in 2024, and who would be better off sticking with the “monolith”? Why?

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Jacobi Zakrzewski

Martin Balaam

Tom Flierl

Dave Boyd

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