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The recently released Digital Commerce 360 report, Standing Out in the B2B Crowd, covers how manufacturer American Bath Group and other B2B companies are innovating to improve customer experience and generate growth.

With 40 websites for its many brands, bathroom products manufacturer American Bath Group realized that developing content for those sites using its legacy content platform took an inordinate amount of time, some 30 hours to be exact. It found a better way with the help of artificial intelligence.

After years of plodding along with the company’s content platform, Marc Lamothe, director of web technology, had his ah-ha moment when he was asked if he would implement the same type of monolithic content development platform again.

“The answer, was no,” Lamothe says. “Once I realized that, it got me thinking that we can change the system, and so we began looking into how to do it.”

American Bath is one of several companies featured in a new Digital Commerce 360 report, Standing Out in the B2B Crowd, for their innovative growth strategies. Other companies in the report range from the B2B marketplace Online Metals to workwear supplier Munro’s Safety Apparel and the Mini Melts ice cream brand. The report also includes B2B ecommerce sales and related data for the first nine months of 2023 as compiled by Digital Commerce 360.

Generating content with AI

American Bath’s search for a new content platform led it to Kontent.ai, a modular content platform that enables the planning, creation, and delivery of digital experiences that are customized to buyers’ needs in a short period.


Since implementing Kontent.ai’s platform, American Bath has been able to develop marketing and sales content for products faster, and seamlessly integrate data from a product information (PIM) system with daily updates, which creates more accurate product information, Lamothe says.

With better product information posted faster, Lamothe says American Bath has seen its search engine rankings on Google increase while its costs to generate content decreased significantly. He notes that the cost of developing content through Kotent.ai is 50% to 75% less than the cost of doing so through American Bath’s legacy monolithic system.

To read more about American Bath and the other companies featured in Standing Out in the B2B Crowd, download this complimentary copy.

Peter Lucas is a Digital Commerce 360 contributing editor covering B2B digital commerce technology and strategy. 


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