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For many B2B sellers, ecommerce sales are on the rise because digital buyers see the sales channels as easier, faster and more efficient.

The current economy aside, businesses that engage in B2B digital selling are feeling optimistic about higher ecommerce sales in the next 12 months. Nearly 20% of B2B sellers expect their business to generate ecommerce sales growth of at least 25% in 2023.

That compares with 42% who expect B2B ecommerce sales to grow between 11% and 24%, according to a survey of more than 100 B2B buyers from Digital Commerce 360 and sponsored by Tradecentric.

In comparison, only 10% of survey respondents expect their B2B ecommerce sales to fall or at least remain flat in 2023.

B2B sellers’ expectations are high

For many B2B sellers, ecommerce sales are on the rise because digital business buyers now see digital sales channels as easier, faster and more efficient ways for digitally driven purchasing managers and teams to acquire goods and services for their respective organizations.


Digital-first buyers also are using a variety of digital sales channels to procure products and services.

For example, nearly 60% of companies now use B2B marketplaces. That compares with ecommerce sites and apps (57%), call center/customer service (56%) and sales reps (51%), among others.

The key takeaway from rising digital commerce sales? B2B ecommerce adoption continues to march ahead. Even companies that rely on large volumes of manual orders are typically seeing more ecommerce adoption — and expectations for it — among customers.


And this is the case among companies ranging from global manufacturers and distributors to smaller, regional players, according to the DC 360 and Tradecentric survey.

Matt Love contributed to this article.

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