The takeaway for the broader B2B ecommerce market is that AI is much talked about but so far only slowly rolling out digital application.

Logistics managers appear to be longer on talk than action when viewing the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

A new survey of logistics managers and organizations from Freightos finds that logistics professionals overwhelmingly (96%) expect to leverage AI for some aspect of their operation. Freightos is a B2B marketplace for air and ocean freight that brings together shippers and freighters.

Freightos findings on logistics and AI

But so far, only 15% of logistics organizations are currently using AI, including only 7% in a pilot study. The takeaway for the broader B2B ecommerce market: AI is much talked about but so far only slowly rolling out digital application.

“Our survey was incredibly clear that AI is not just a tech buzzword, with a full 96% of respondents believing it will impact logistics,” says logistics chief marketing officer Eytan Buchman. “However, it also shows that we’re barely at Day 1. Only 7% of respondents are actually using AI, with another 7% testing it.”


The survey also notes that of the shippers and freighters that use AI, they leverage it for:

  • Pricing (64%)
  • Customer service automation (56%)
  • Operations (51%)
  • Sales functions (35%)
  • Software engineering (24%)

“The use cases vary, from pricing to customer development and engineering,” Buchman says. “But it’s seemingly increasingly clear that there will be little that isn’t touched by AI. Bill Gates recently commented that AI is every bit as significant as the internet or the transition, and it’s difficult to imagine a supply chain organization without internet being able to compete with one that has it.”

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