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EvolutionX found that the most successful ecommerce websites are using many of the same features and functionality.

It’s no secret by now that your business must have an online presence to keep up with modern consumer purchasing habits. While getting the website up and running is one part of the challenge, the real challenge begins as you try to grow your online presence.

We reviewed over 400 businesses in North America and Europe hosted by EvolutionX, ECI’s B2B ecommerce platform, and found that the top 20% of online earners are leveraging many of the same features in their B2B ecommerce strategy.

These businesses operate in the following industries:

  • Business Supplies
  • Gas and Welding
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC
  • Industrial, Safety, and MRO
  • Medical Supplies

Key takeaways from the top 20% of online earners using EvolutionX:


Product Catalogs

  • The more products your website has, the more sales you generate.
  • 77% have enabled at least five active catalogs.
  • Benefit: The more catalogs you have, the more SKUs you can offer, which can lead to more online revenue.


Procurement Controls

  • Enabling procurement controls has been shown to increase the “stickiness” of customers.
  • 87% have procurement controls enabled.
  • Benefit: These controls resonate with CFOs and Procurement Directors working in larger companies whose goal is to control rogue spend.



  • Having an ERP connected to an ecommerce website creates a full ecosystem of streamlined business systems.
  • Nearly every EvolutionX-hosted business has its ERP connected to its ecommerce site.
  • Benefit: No rekeying of information, accurate data, live pricing, and stock level availability.



  • Allotting resources to marketing and merchandising tools fuels a stronger ROI.
  • 9.9 – the average number of active marketing promotions
  • 43.2 – The average number of content pages
  • Benefit: Running multiple promotions that target specific customer segments yields more online orders.

This data accounts for a small percentage of our total research. Discover even more strategies the most successful EvolutionX customers have deployed.

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