Big food distributors have a growing appetite for larger portions of ecommerce

Food distribution companies have a big appetite these days for serving up more digital commerce. Two cases in point include US Foods Inc. and Sysco Corp., a pair of the biggest food distributors.

At US Foods, which does most of its $32 billion in annual sales through B2B ecommerce, the latest initiative is a push for better mobile commerce through a new app. Meanwhile at Sysco, the biggest digital update is providing customers with more personalization tools.

Sysco is a large multinational distribution company that provided services to more than 650,000 customer locations, including restaurants, health care and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other foodservice customers during fiscal 2021. The company says it accounts for about 17% of the approximately $285 billion annual foodservice market in the U.S. and generated 2021 sales of $51.3 billion.

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