Tips for success include segmenting target audiences via personalized messages, email marketing, and social media posts.

Steven Clayton, CEO and founder of NetBlaze

Steven Clayton, CEO and founder of NetBlaze

Even with the pandemic behind consumers and us heading back to stores and malls, online shopping dominates retail sales. Ecommerce spending reached $196.66 billion in Q1, up 39% from $141.52 billion in the same quarter of 2020.

With summer winding down and Labor Day approaching, consumers are ready to travel, gather with friends and family, and have a ton of long-awaited fun. This change means one thing for many small business owners that sell online: Sales!

Small businesses looking for a sales boom this summer season should remember to incorporate the following simple tips.

Develop a Labor Day digital marketing campaign

Ecommerce businesses can use digital marketing campaigns to communicate deals and specials to their customers. Tips for success include segmenting target audiences via personalized messages, email marketing, and social media posts. Use SEO-friendly keywords to increase your business’ website ranking in search engine results so that more customers can find your business online.


Including an enticing call to action in your email marketing messages is a great way to retain customer engagement. For Labor Day, for example, this can be as simple as offering a coupon code or discount using a word like “LDW2021.”

Leverage social media platforms

Use popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to promote your business and highlight upcoming deals. Fun graphics, images of products, and catchy captions or quotes focused on summer and Labor Day are effective ways of capturing consumers’ attention leading up to the holiday weekend. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Consider creating a Labor Day contest or giveaway to engage your followers across social media platforms.

Incorporate SEO tactics

Incorporating SEO tactics is key to ensuring your business appears in Labor Day weekend online searches. With most consumers surfing the web and using Google to find a business, ensuring they can easily find your website via an online search is crucial. Holidays aside, all pages on an ecommerce website should be up to date, easy-to-use, and include keywords and phrases conducive for SEO.

Clicking through a website is the first impression a customer has of any business, so it must be mobile-friendly, visually appealing, and include all vital information. If your business sells products or services that people will use over Labor Day weekend, be sure they are tagged and labeled appropriately for SEO so they will appear to any consumer actively searching for and ready to purchase the item(s).

Supplement with a small advertising campaign

Setting up a paid ad campaign to directly target consumers searching online for Labor Day sales in their neighborhood can be completed quickly on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. Using sponsored posts allows your business to pop up on targeted consumers’ social feeds within your area. This kind of targeting can help you reach the right audience at the right time and with the right message. There are affordable plans for nearly any budget, plus these advertisements are easy to implement and allow you to track results quickly to ensure you are reaching your target audience.


Create timely promotions and deals for the holiday

Creating special promotions and deals tied to Labor Day allows your business to stand out among the competition, giving customers a reason to visit your site and hopefully make a purchase. Businesses can create a unique long holiday weekend collection of products to highlight on a special landing page and across social platforms and discounts on the most popular or essential items for the holiday weekend. Be creative in the process!

People are ready to ring in the summer and put the pandemic behind them. By following these simple digital marketing tactics, ecommerce businesses can maximize their Labor Day holiday sales by reaching their target audience.

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