The coronavirus is disrupting business, and B2B companies are not immune. How do businesses view the growing, economic threat of COVID-19? How has the coronavirus changed their business? What are their expectations moving forward?

The coronavirus COVID-19 changed “business as usual.” Companies are adjusting their 2020 forecasts, bracing for an economic decline and altering the way they do business. B2B companies are reassessing their supply chains, specially when it comes to China, deliberating with industry peers and even taking advantage of online sales.

Digital Commerce 360 surveyed 50 business-to-business ecommerce executives. We asked:

  • What are your financial expectations relative to the coronavirus on your overall business?
  • What are your financial expectations relative to the coronavirus on your ecommerce business?
  • Which of the following actions are you taking as a result of coronavirus relative to your supply chain?
  • Which of the following are part of your expectations and/or behavior as a result of the coronavirus?
The coronavirus is here and it’s changing the way the B2B ecommerce market is doing business. A survey of 50 business-to-business ecommerce executives by Digital Commerce 360 B2B finds that about 25% of B2B sellers expect to experience a boost in web sales in the short run. But in the long term nearly 42% of B2B sellers expect a slowdown in web sales. “The uptick is most likely short lived as we are bracing for a major slowdown in the economy as businesses are being temporally closed,” says CEO Brian Fricano.