After spending more than 20,000 hours helping merchants online, I’ve seen mobile usage explode. Yet, shopping online on a mobile device can still be a pain. Because of their relatively small screen sizes, mobile devices, and smartphones in particular, continue to present unique challenges to merchants.

When I purchased my first iPhone in 2007, many of my coworkers at the ecommerce company I was developing thought I was nuts for spending more than $600 on a new gadget. But I wanted to ensure the company’s ecommerce website was ready for mobile because I didn’t want it to miss out on millions of dollars in potential mobile sales.

Today, I still see a lot of ecommerce merchants making many of the same mistakes they made back in 2007. However, those issues are creating much bigger problems given that smartphones have become ubiquitous as 96% of Americans own a cell phone and 81% a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Institute.

But even with these huge numbers, we still run into websites almost daily that offer a poor mobile experience. A really awesome mobile experience is still quite rare, so having a good experience can put your website on good terms with users. And, ultimately, this will increase stickiness and profit.

How do you present a good mobile experience? Here are seven areas to focus on:

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