Omnichannel services, such as buy online pick up in store, curbside pickup and pickup lockers and towers, are the bridges that link a merchant’s physical and online stores. But weaving together a retailer’s online and offline operations is a work in progress for most merchants. Most retailers with a sizable physical footprint can’t make sweeping changes to their stores overnight. They have to pilot features, measure their results, train employees, then create a road map to the stores that should get the features next and continue to invest. And, even more important than technological bells and whistles, they need to figure out how to deliver a satisfying experience to shoppers no matter which store they visit. That isn’t easy.

This magazine cover story includes:

  • Issues that arise when a retail chain rolls out a service across its chain
  • How retailers work to make their services consistent across their stores
  • Interviews with Target, Walmart and Home Depot
  • A closer look at Home Depot’s locker pickup service, Walmart’s Check Out with Me service, and Target’s store remodel plans
  • Top 1000 data on omnichannel services
  • Select results from Internet Retailer’s 2019 Omnichannel research report

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