When electronics manufacturer Riedon acquired shunts maker Deltec last year, it needed a new channel for quickly fulfilling orders of the devices engineers use to measure electric current. It launched what it figures is a one-of-a-kind e-commerce site, Shunts.com.

Riedon Inc. specializes in manufacturing electronic resistors used in managing electric current, selling them through an international network of distributors that can be found on its website, Riedon.com.

But after acquiring specialty manufacturer Deltec, which makes shunts that engineers need to measure electric current, it needed a better way to quickly fulfill orders from its enlarged customer base. Last month it launched Shunts.com, a site that offers a wide range of shunts and related fuse blocks.

“Visitors to Shunts.com can select shunts with ratings ranging from 10A to 6000A and fuse blocks that are rated from 110A to 400A,” Riedon says. “Both technologies are available in a variety of configurations and mounting options to accommodate the broadest possible range of installation requirements.” The site ships most orders within 24 hours of receiving an order, it says.

The site, which runs on the Shopify e-commerce platform, also uses its online presence to build a community of engineers, who can view online tutorials covering shunt operation and installation, typical use cases, and tips on how to choose the correct shunt resistor for a given application.

“Following last year’s acquisition of Deltec, Riedon has become the world’s leading manufacturer of ‘current sense’ shunt resistors,” says Frieda Hovsepian, Riedon’s vice president of sales and marketing. “By launching our new e-commerce site, we are giving designers, engineers and integrators the only online platform dedicated to the quick and easy delivery of these increasingly important products.”


Riedon is a privately held company and doesn’t disclose revenue figures, but the volume of transactions on Shunts.com so far has “exceeded our expectation, albeit the dollar value of the transactions are still very small,” Hovsepian says.

She adds that Riedon has no direct sales force, and will rely solely on the web to reach out to engineers and provide them with way to order products.

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