Facebook is a laboratory for JustFab, says Traci Inglis, general manager and chief marketing officer of TechStyle’s Fast Fashion division, which includes JustFab and ShoeDazzle. The athleisure retailer starts each month with a “huge amount of creative [ad content] that fits the theme of the month,” she says. Then it “throws the spaghetti at the wall and sees what sticks.”

In other words, the retailer runs a number of small-scale advertising campaigns, examines what drives shoppers to click, then tweaks the ads to see what resonates across its various customer segments. If a customer group loves hobo bags, it will target that group with ads focused on the product category with various messages. “We try to be systematic to see what works,” she says.

The organized chaos approach seems to be working. The number of consumers who clicked from social networks to JustFab.com soared last year. In terms of raw numbers, the number of consumers who visited the site from a social network rose 310.5% to an average of 1.09 million from 265,502 a year earlier. In terms of share, the percentage of consumers clicking from social networks jumped to 6.4% of its site traffic last year, a 2.8 percentage point jump from 2016.

The approach offers a systematic way to determine what resonates with consumers. And, amid an environment where capturing consumers’ attention on social media is increasingly difficult—particularly after Facebook in January announced plans to alter its news feed algorithm to prioritize “meaningful interactions”…

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