LLC’s growth is dependent on changing the way that consumers buy eyeglasses. “More than 60% of people in the U.S. wear glasses on a daily basis,” says Boaz Ariely, the retailer’s vice president of marketing. “But only about 5% of them buy their glasses online.”

Ariely’s job is to identify the signals that suggest consumers are likely in the market for new eyewear and deploy a variety of marketing tactics to try to convince them to buy online. Increasingly, those dollars have flowed to paid search. The retailer boosted its average monthly paid search ad spend an Internet Retailer-estimated 65.8% last year to $498,151 from $300,411 a year earlier, according to Internet Retailer’s

The spending increase reflects both the retailer’s success in the channel and its desire to hold a top-ranking position when shoppers are in the market for glasses. GlassesUSA is hardly alone in significantly increasing its paid search spending. 33.0% of online retailers in Internet Retailer’s third annual Digital Marketing Survey increased their paid search spending by more than 25%…

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