Its new Charlotte, N.C., warehouse will help it ship packages to most of the U.S. faster and at a lower cost to shoppers.

An online candy retailer is sweetening its offerings for shoppers on the East Coast. Inc., No. 624 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Second 500 Guide, has purchased a warehouse in Charlotte, N.C., for an undisclosed price. The move allows the Southern California-based online retailer to reach most of the country—80%—in two days via standard ground shipping.

“That means our customers can get their candy right when they need it, without paying extra for expedited shipping,” director of operations Murray Slenn says. “This will save them a lot of money at checkout.”

The retailer says it carries more than 7,000 total products, though it doesn’t say in a press release announcing its new warehouse how many will be housed in the Charlotte location. does allow shoppers to pick up orders at its warehouses free of charge.

“We will stock all of our 7,000 items at the Charlotte location, even Hispanic and Japanese candies that we are transferring from our Los Angeles area warehouse,” says founder and CEO Christopher Pratt.

advertisement data shows that has grown by an average rate of 11.71% over the past five years, going from $10.7 million in sales in 2010 to $16.6 million in 2014.