Customer Match will let advertisers share customers’ email addresses with Google and match the search giant’s user data.

(Bloomberg)—Google Inc. uses terabytes of information to deliver targeted ads. Now, it wants customers to bring more of their own data.

Advertisers will be able to share their customers’ email addresses with Google, which will match them with its user data, Google said in a statement Monday. The goal is to boost the relevance of ads that show up alongside search results, and in Gmail and YouTube, according to Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management at Google.

Google is looking for fresh ways to bolster its advertising business, which generates about 90% of the company’s sales. The service, called Customer Match, is similar to Facebook Inc.’s Custom Audiences tool and Twitter Inc.’s Tailored Audiences tools, which let marketers leverage browser cookies and other information, such as consumers’ email addresses, to target shoppers on their respective platforms.

Google said it’s including privacy safeguards to protect users’ information it gets from business that buy ads on Google.

“This is really compelling,” Dischler said. “It’s a really big deal.”


For example, a local Italian restaurant or an automaker could give Google lists of their customers, and when they search for pizza delivery or a new minivan, the businesses can make sure they put their own ads in front of known customers.

Customer Match is essentially a stepped-up version of a service that Google already offers, which lets businesses to retarget web surfers who had already visited their websites. As part of the new effort, Google is also mining the data so that advertisers can target new customers who might have similar interests to existing customers.