The world’s largest retailer expects authors, artists, nonprofits, brands, bloggers and social media gurus will use the giveaway tool to give away Amazon merchandise.

Pick a prize, any prize. Inc., No. 1 on the Internet Retailer 2014 Top 500 Guide, has launched Amazon Giveaway to help companies and individuals set up sweepstakes in which they give away Amazon merchandise.

Amazon says it is targeting authors, artists, nonprofits, brands, bloggers and social media gurus to create a giveaway from among the millions of items Amazon sells, provided the item is worth less than $5,000.

Users who want to create a giveaway go to the site and follow the steps outlined: select a prize, set up a giveaway and receive a link. Giveaway hosts share the link with their audiences via social media, on a web site or in an email, for example. Up to 50 prizes can be awarded per giveaway for a total value of $5,000, Amazon says.

Amazon notifies the winners, ships the prizes and handles tax reporting.

The host buys the prizes at the price on and pays for sales tax and shipping to the winner(s), according to Amazon. If prizes are unclaimed when a giveaway ends, those will be returned and refunded. There is no additional fee to run a giveaway, Amazon says.


While giveaways are nothing new, Amazon hopes to streamline the process. “Giveaways often come with hidden costs and complexities which make the reality of running one hard,” says Steve Shure, Amazon’s vice president of consumer marketing.