Retailers can select which transactions they want the vendor to review. Riskified guarantees it will pay them back if any transactions it approves are fraudulent.

Startup risk management vendor Riskified recently launched a product aimed at helping e-retailers mitigate the risk of accepting online orders.

The product, called Never Decline, lets online merchants select only their most high-risk transactions to send to Riskified for review. Approved transactions come with a money-back guarantee if they turn out to be fraudulent.

Riskified uses a number of technologies to review transactions, which can help it determine whether they are legitimate. Among them is device fingerprinting, a technique that traces the transaction history of the device being used to initiate a purchase.

The vendor says e-retailers using Never Decline have been accepting a higher percentage of online orders than they were previously, boosting their revenue. For instance, footwear retailer Stubbs and Wootton’s international revenue increased 9% in the three months after it began working with Riskified compared to the previous three months, the vendor says. Moreover, Stubbs and Wootton reduced its chargebacks by 85%. A chargeback occurs when a cardholder lodges a complaint and the card-issuing bank takes back the money paid to the merchant and removes the charge from the cardholder’s account.

“Until now, if a customer connected from an IP address in Russia, had a credit card from France and was shipping to the United States, most merchants would have declined the order, forfeiting a good sale,” says Eido Gal, the vendor’s co-founder and CEO. Riskified, he says, helps the retailer more accurately determine whether it should approve such potentially fraudulent transactions.


Riskified offers three Never Decline options:

  • Select and submit, which lets retailers choose specific transactions to submit for review, for a 4.9% per-transaction fee.
  • The international plan, which automatically sends any overseas orders to Riskified for review. Retailers using this plan pay a 2.4% per-transaction fee.
  • The domestic mismatch plan, which automatically reviews transactions that contain inconsistencies the retailer wants to watch for, such as a disparity between the shopper’s billing and shipping addresses. Retailers using this plan pay a 1.9% per-transaction fee.

The vendor also lets retailers submit all their orders to Riskified for review for a 1.4% per-transaction fee.