Automated Online Video Platform Provider Helps Companies Increase Conversions by Showcasing Top Videos on Home Page

BOSTON, MA February 1, 2010 – Treepodia, an early market leader in automated online product video technology and services, announced today the immediate availability of its Smart Banner technology and service. Treepodia’s Smart Banner is designed to enable e-commerce and information-rich web sites to showcase their top-performing online videos on the home page, or any page they choose, to further increase sales and conversions.

Treepodia’s Smart Banner extends the benefits of online product videos by allowing them to appear in banner format on web pages other than the product page including a home page to increase their viewership. The videos are shown in rotating fashion each time a visitor comes to the site, and can replace existing static ads that appear on the retailer’s site. They can also be used as banner ads on affiliate sites and social networks. Smart Banner tracks the videos that generate the most click-throughs over time and eventually determines top-performing videos to feature in the on-site banners.


Many e-commerce companies have already discovered the value of video in enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales. We developed the smart video banner tool to take this technique to the next level by giving companies a way to drive more visibility of their best performing videos and maximize the value of their most valuable web site real estate the home page, said Dr. Melody King, vice president of marketing for Treepodia. Our new Smart Banner offering works with companies’ existing videos, so it’s another way for businesses to improve the ROI of their video campaigns.

Automatic Video Banners = Automatic Conversion Increases

Smart Banner increases the likelihood that visitors will view product videos by automatically showing them on the home (or other) page of a site. Research shows that customers who watch a video are 85% more likely to convert which means that if more people see the videos, a company’s conversion rate should increase.

Smart Banner goes to work as soon as the visitor’s browser brings up the requested page on their screen. When someone comes to the home page or another page on the site where the Smart Banner is placed, the video begins playing right away. When visitors move their mouse over the image they’ll hear the audio. If they click on the video they’ll immediately be taken to the product page where they can see more product details and make a purchase.


An example of Treepodia’s Smart Banner application can be seen on U.S.-based online eyeglasses retailer Another retailer using the Smart Banner application is German health and beauty retailer Both sites are running banners with a series of videos – when the page is refreshed, a new video begins to play. Both and saw immediate ROI from the Smart Banner service.

For companies still evaluating whether to invest in video, smart banners present another solid argument, said Dr. King. Not only do they increase the visibility of videos and drive more traffic to product pages, they track click-throughs and automatically promote the highest performing videos on the home page and elsewhere. And for companies that already do have video, they can easily use Smart Banner to improve performance of their existing catalog.

Treepodia’s Smart Banners are part of the Treepodia Smart Video Platform, which is helping e-commerce, hospitality and other online businesses around the globe yield higher conversions and revenues.

About Treepodia, Ltd.
Treepodia is the leading video platform provider for online retailers. Founded in 2007 by knowledgeable and experienced e-commerce professionals, the Treepodia Smart Video Platform enables online merchants to cover their entire product catalog with effective and engaging video content in just 24 hours. Treepodia offers a unique cost per view model with ROI guaranteed. The company has more than 45 clients worldwide, including, OnlineGolf, Forzieri, EyeBuyDirect, Emjoi, BedBathStore and more.