Prezzybox targets its search ad language to fit specific shoppers' buying styles, doubling conversion rates.

United Kingdom-based gift site has doubled conversion rates on search ads it creates by using insights from web analytic software from 7 Billion People, the e-retailer says.

7 Billion People’s linguistic science-based MarketMaestro software collects data on site visitor behavior to create a profile for each visitor that places them within one of several defined segments. The segments represent differences in how customers make decisions, what motivates them to buy and their preferred communication style, the vendor says.

The retailer determines the customers most likely to respond to a set of products it wants to promote for example, men looking for Valentine’s Day gifts and creates search ads packed with language designed to appeal to the two or three most common profiles within that segment. In essence, the search ad copy seeks to bring in shoppers looking for a general category of products Valentine’s Day gifts by appealing to the buying style of specific types of customers rather than by featuring any particular products.

For example, explains 7 Billion People chief executive officer Mark Nagaitis, an ad saying, Get her what every woman wants the greatest choice of Valentine’s gifts at Prezzybox would appeal to two types of consumers. These are the shopper who believes that because other women like an item he buys at Prezzybox, so will the women he’s buying the gift for, and also the shopper to whom range of choice is most important.

We communicate an overall message we don’t have specific messages for specific products, says founder and managing director Zak Edwards. We have tailored the marketing messages to appeal to as many profiles as possible.