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The primary contacts for information on Digital Commerce 360 products and services are listed below and can be reached during our normal office hours from 9:00am-5:00pm CT. Our main corporate phone number is 312-362-9527.

Customer Service

Billing & Finance

All inquiries regarding invoices, payments and wire transfers.

Advertising & Marketing

Inquiries and orders for online and print advertising would be made directly to the advertising manager for your region.

Tom Duggan

Vice President, Sales and Product Development
Phone: 312-572-6250
[email protected]

Judy Dellert

IR Southeast Manager &
Internet Health Management
Phone: 312-572-6279
email: [email protected]

Cindy Wilkins

Midwest & International Manager (incl. ID, CO, KS, CAN)
Phone: 312-572-6247
email: [email protected]

Oliver Love

B2BecNews & Sales Manager
Phone: 312-572-6251
email: [email protected]

Thomas Moore

Vendor Directory & Product Showcase Sales Manager
Phone: 312-946-2049
[email protected]

Erin Dowd

Marketing Director & Event Partnerships
Phone: 312-572-6280
[email protected]

Winnie Lee

Customer Service & Ad Traffic Manager
Phone: 312-572-6275
Fax: 312-346-5354
[email protected]

Editorial Management

All inquiries and submissions for editorial content.

Mark Brohan

Internet Health Management
Editor and Publisher
Phone: 312-362-9535
[email protected]

Editorial Research

All inquiries and submissions for editorial research content.

Web Site Production

All inquiries regarding web site production and content.

Stephanie Black

Junior Graphic Designer & HTML Specialist
Phone: 312-572-6262
[email protected]

Conferences and Events

All inquiries and submissions for conference speaking positions