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The primary contacts for information on Digital Commerce 360 products and services are listed below and can be reached during our normal office hours from 9:00am-5:00pm CT. Our main corporate phone number is 312-362-9527.

Customer Service

Billing & Finance

All inquiries regarding invoices, payments and wire transfers.

Advertising & Marketing

Inquiries and orders for online and print advertising would be made directly to the advertising manager for your region.

Tom Duggan

Vice President, Sales and Product Development
Phone: 312-572-6250
[email protected]

Judy Dellert

IR Southeast Manager &
Internet Health Management
Phone: 312-572-6279
email: [email protected]

Cindy Wilkins

Midwest & International Manager (incl. ID, CO, KS, CAN)
Phone: 312-572-6247
email: [email protected]

Oliver Love

B2BecNews & Sales Manager
Phone: 312-572-6251
email: [email protected]

Thomas Moore

Vendor Directory & Product Showcase Sales Manager
Phone: 312-946-2049
[email protected]

Erin Dowd

Marketing Director & Event Partnerships
Phone: 312-572-6280
[email protected]

Winnie Lee

Customer Service & Ad Traffic Manager
Phone: 312-572-6275
Fax: 312-346-5354
[email protected]

Editorial Management

All inquiries and submissions for editorial content.

Mark Brohan

Internet Health Management
Editor and Publisher
Phone: 312-362-9535
[email protected]

Editorial Research

All inquiries and submissions for editorial research content.

Web Site Production

All inquiries regarding web site production and content.

Conferences and Events

All inquiries and submissions for conference speaking positions