Digital Commerce 360’s September report analyzes the tactics retailers are using to successfully sell on multiple platforms—and the challenges that come with the territory.

This report includes the following in-depth articles, written by Digital Commerce 360 editors:

  • “Navigate the complexities of being a brand selling on multiple sites” looks at how to manage product-detail pages and managing customer data across channels.
  • “Weighing the risks and rewards of selling on a marketplace” explores why there are good reasons for a retailer to do business on a marketplace, but there are reasons to be cautious too.
  • “Telling a consistent message across channels” explains that the core brand voice and messaging should be the same across channels but that doesn’t mean you have to be redundant.
  • “There is more than one way to manage customer data” analyzes how DTC retailers are figuring out how to reach new customers by linking up with larger merchants like Walmart or selling on marketplaces like Amazon—without losing too much control.
  • “The state of the ecommerce market for brands” explains that with funding drying up as profitability takes center stage, digital natives will have to reassess their roadmap to compete.

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