Once online retailers master the basics, like an easy checkout page and a smooth fulfillment operation, they should turn their attention to creating the best online shopping experience.

Many retailers have reached this point and are grappling with questions including, what is necessary to include on the product detail page? Do shoppers want to be tracked if it means a better personalized shopping experience? And if they experience an issue, how do shoppers want to interact with a customer service agent?

Our November edition of Strategy Insights—How top merchants create the best customer experience—tackles these questions with the following in-depth articles written by Digital Commerce 360 editors: 

  • Retailers invest in robust site content to convert shoppers
  • INFOGRAPHIC: What top online retailers offer for the shopping experience
  • Data drives retailers’ must-have personalization
  • Online retailers bridge the offline divide with customer service features
  • INFOGRAPHIC: How shoppers say the online shopping experience stacks up

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