Digital Commerce 360’s August report analyzes the tactics retailers plan to—or already have—implemented to prepare for the holiday season, including sustainable fulfillment practices, shipping thresholds, and more.

This report includes the following in-depth articles, written by Digital Commerce 360 editors:

  • “Control what you can this holiday season” looks at the challenges facing e-retailers, like fears of inflation and economic uncertainty.
  • “An early read on the 2022 holiday season” explores the tactics retailers plan to—or already have implemented to prepare for the sales period.
  • “Marketers plan early for thoughtful discounting as costs increase” explains the cost pressures retailers face and how they are being careful with the inventory they stock and how they time promotions.
  • “Getting ready to fulfill holiday orders” analyzes how retailers are transforming their shipping and sustainable fulfillment.
  • “How smaller store-based retailers will reattract newly won customers during the holidays” explains how brick-and-mortar stores are taking advantage of both their physical locations and online sales to meet customers on whichever channel they prefer.

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