In this Podcast, we discuss how to determine what ERP integration option is right for your eCommerce organization; weighing the pros and cons of both out-of-the-box and custom solutions, the business considerations you will have to make along the way, and how to run a successful integration project with your vendor.

  • Why does a retailer need to integrate their ERP and their ecommerce store?
  • What kind of ERP integrations are out there? What should a retailer look for when figuring out the solution for their particular business?
  • How do you time your ERP integration? For example, if there’s a site redesign coming soon, should a retailer wait until that’s done, tackled it before the redesign, or do it all at the same time? Are there are other timing considerations a retailer should make?
  • Does integrating your ERP and your ecommerce store lock you into certain providers? What if a retailer wants to make a change to one but not the other?
  • What should a retailer do now to prepare for integrating their ERP and ecommerce store?



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