U.S. manufacturers grew their combined digital sales 12.9% to $4.104 trillion in 2021, up from $3.634 trillion in 2020. B2B ecommerce now accounts for a bigger share of all U.S. manufacturing sales, thus U.S. manufacturers are making digital commerce a mainstream channel. 

Analysts say that acting on a specific strategy for getting started or expanding online—versus thinking about prioritizing digital commerce and transformation—will determine the manufacturing winners and losers going forward. 

Our 2022 Accelerating B2B Ecommerce in Manufacturing dives deep into the current state of U.S. ecommerce in manufacturing. This report includes 5 data-packed charts and graphs and real-life case studies on B2B manufacturer Rockland, consumer brand manufacturer The Clorox Co., and how Boeing Global Services reached $2 billion in ecommerce sales. 

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