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Toys ‘R’ Us in November 2016 announced the hiring of Amit Poddar as its new senior vice president and chief software architect. This is a newly created position for the multichannel children’s products merchant. Poddar comes from travel booking site, where he spent 17 years most recently as the company’s chief software architect. At Toys ‘R’ Us, Poddar will be charged with overseeing the engineering of Toys ‘R’ Us’ online stores, which include and “We are continuing our mission to build world-class customer experiences across all our channels to best support our customer,” said Toys ‘R’ Us chief technology officer Lance Wills, Poddar’s new boss.


One Geoffrey Way, Wayne NJ 7470

Parent Company

Toys 'R' Us Inc.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 1998

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