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48 out of 100

In September 2016, Midwest multichannel grocery chain Meijer Inc. began working with delivery app Shipt to offer home delivery within an hour. Beginning with the Detroit area, Meijer said it would “evaluate possibilities for expanding to additional stores in the future.” Consumers who sign up for Shipt, a membership-based app, can choose from 55,000 grocery items and other products, including fresh and frozen items, from among 25 Detroit-area Meijer stores that offer Shipt’s home-delivery service. Shipt uses contract-based personal shoppers to handpick items and deliver orders within a preferred one-hour time window. A Shipt membership costs $99 a year or $14 a month.


2929 Walker Ave. Northwest, Grand Rapids MI 49544

Parent Company

Meijer Inc.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category

Mass Merchant

Year Launched: 2007

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