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Victoria’s Secret’s direct sales, which are largely online, fell 7.2% in the fourth quarter ended Jan. 28, 2017, L Brands says. Some of that slowdown may be attributed to the retailer bidding farewell to its trademark print catalogs. Even so, the slowdown outpaced the brand’s store sales, which grew less than 1.0%, and its overall sales, which fell 1.0%. Direct’s share of Victoria’s Secret’s overall sales fell during the quarter to 20.3% from 21.7% a year earlier. However, it was a different story in the fourth quarter for L Brands’ other large brand, Bath & Body Works. The brand’s direct revenue jumped 25.3% and its overall sales grew 6.6%.


Three Limited Pkwy., Columbus OH 43230

Parent Company

L Brands Inc.

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Retail Chain

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Year Launched: 1998

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