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66 out of 100 offers a $10 monthly subscription online for a “Glam Bag,” an assortment of makeup and beauty products such as mascara, eye shadow and foundation. Customers can tailor their selections and get discounts for buying additional goods, and watch product tutorials produced by Ipsy. Co-founded by social media celebrity Michelle Phan and CEO Marcelo Camberos, Ipsy says it has 1.5 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. To date its financing totals $103 million and the company plans to expand internationally. Ipsy gets free samples and discounted products from beauty brands to include in its “glam bags.” Product partners include cosmetics company L’Oreal SA.


11 N. Ellsworth Ave. , San Mateo CA 94402

Parent Company

Personalized Beauty Discovery Inc.

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Web Only

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Year Launched: 2011

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