Companies / Snapshot: Online sales for home goods saw a 27.0% growth rate in 2018 from 2017

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56 out of 100

In May 2016, Swedish home furnishings retailer Ikea opened a pop-up, kitchen-focused store in downtown Toronto, with the goal of challenging visitors to rethink how they look at food and cooking. The store, which Ikea Canada operated for two weeks, featured about 50 products. When shoppers entered the store, they received an RFID-chip-embedded wooden spoon, which they tapped to a sensor on the shelf in order to purchase an item. At checkout, the shopper tapped the spoon to another sensor, bringing the order up on a screen, confirmed the order and swiped a debit or credit card to pay—the store did not accept cash. Products were retrieved from a storeroom and delivered immediately.


420 Alan Wood Road, Conshohocken PA 19428

Parent Company

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category

Housewares/Home Furnishings

Year Launched: 1997

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