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Shoe retail chain DSW said in late 2016 that it would relaunch in 2017 with the aim of attracting more mobile shoppers. Chief financial officer Jared Poff told analysts on the footwear retail chain’s fiscal third quarter 2016 earnings call that nearly 28% of the retailer’s online orders were fulfilled by one of its 500 stores. This includes consumers responding to buy online, pick up in store and ship-to-store options, as well as orders shipped to consumers from store inventory. In February 2016 DSW acquired online-only shoe seller Ebuys Inc., which operates, for $62.5 million. DSW plans to use the acquisition to expand internationally via e-commerce.


810 DSW Drive, Columbus OH 43219

Parent Company

DSW Inc.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: 2008

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