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Best Buy Co. Inc.’s online sales grew at a faster clip than the U.S. e-retail industry average in 2016, and they outperformed online leaders Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Best Buy’s web sales grew nearly 21% for the fiscal year ended Jan. 28 and totaled $4.85 billion. The average growth in U.S. e-retail was 15.6%, per estimates released by the U.S. Commerce Department last month, while Amazon’s product sales clocked 19.4% growth and Wal-Mart’s e-commerce sales grew 15.5% globally. Best Buy says it generated $2.3 billion online in the fiscal fourth quarter, which for Best Buy encompasses November, December and January. That’s up 17.9% from $1.95 billion a year earlier. While online sales grew for Best Buy, total domestic revenue fell 1.4% in Q4 and was flat for the full year. 


7601 Penn Ave. South, Richfield MN 55423

Parent Company

Best Buy Co. Inc.

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Retail Chain

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Year Launched: 1998

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