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Multichannel retailer Aldo Group sells shoes and accessories on its website and through retail stores. Proprietary brands include Aldo, Call It Spring, Globo and Little Burgundy. The retailer offers standard shipping in three to five business days for $5 or express shipping in two to four business days for $20. All purchases ship within one to three days of order placement. Aldo also provides a buy online, pick up in-store option. It accepts returns at any time as long as items are in their original packaging and the customer provides the sales receipt. Underwear, earrings and cosmetics are excluded from this policy. Aldo’s social media presence includes Facebook and Twitter.


2300 Émile-Bélanger, Montreal QC H4R 3J4

Parent Company

Aldo Group Inc.

Merchant Type

Retail Chain

Merchandise Category


Year Launched: NA

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