The new options for sellers come with a cautionary note from Amazon as it expands its use of generative AI.

Amazon’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools began to appear for sellers in 2023, and the ecommerce giant still has more to come. In the latest example, a seller on Amazon will be able to use generative AI to create content for product listings, entering only a webpage URL into Amazon’s system.

The use case for the new option will be for Amazon’s selling partners who already have a complete listing for a product on their brand’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) website or somewhere similar.

Amazon generative AI use so far

“As we expand the breadth of attributes that we can automatically generate and further improve the quality of generated content, we keep reducing the effort needed for sellers to create high-quality product detail pages that resonate with customers,” said Mary Beth Westmoreland, vice president, worldwide selling partner experience, at Amazon, in a blog post published on March 13.

At least 100,000 Amazon sellers are already using the site’s existing generative AI listing tools, according to Westmoreland. Initially, a user would need to input text and manually type or paste in copied content for the AI to create a listing for Amazon. Now, assuming the necessary information is contained on a linked page, Amazon’s “List Your Products” page will do the rest of the work by reading what has already been published.

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When will Amazon’s new URL-based AI tool be available?

The URL-to-listing feature was not available to all users as of the time of the announcement. However, Westmoreland indicated that it would be available widely soon.

“This new capability is starting to roll out now and will be available to U.S. sellers in the coming weeks,” she said. “We are excited about how these new innovations are built and hosted in AWS, leveraging a number of powerful foundational models made easily accessible through Amazon Bedrock to best meet the needs of Amazon’s selling partners and customers.”

Caution and emphasis on human oversight

Amazon is not alone in leveraging generative AI for product listings or descriptions. Other retailers, marketplaces and ecommerce platforms have launched similar features in the past year as well. And like other retailers, Amazon was clear to urge caution when using AI-generated content.


“We always encourage sellers to review our generated product details before they submit them to our store, and already, the majority of AI-generated listings are being submitted, with sellers accepting suggested attributes nearly 80% of the time with minimal edits,” Westmoreland noted.

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