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Artificial intelligence tops the list, both on topics of interest for retailers and technologies powering new platform features.

All online retailers bring their own needs and budgets when building their ecommerce sites. But what matters most in 2024 when merchants sit down to make an ecommerce platforms comparison? New survey data in Digital Commerce 360’s 2024 Ecommerce Platforms Report reveals some priorities among merchants right now.

Notably, more than half of the online retailers that Digital Commerce 360 surveyed intend to spend more on technology in 2024. In the current inflationary environment, higher costs should not come as a surprise. However, costs are also under pressure — and there are clear technology- and objective-driven concerns taking precedence.

Online retailers expect to spend more on tech in 2024

In the report’s survey of online merchants, Digital Commerce 360 asked participants directly about emerging technologies. While more than half of respondents had no plans to invest in virtual reality, voice commerce, or internet of things, one category showed up as something 33% of respondents were already using and 29% were considering for more investment. That was artificial intelligence.

An ecommerce platforms comparison by pricing, features and more

The 2024 Ecommerce Platforms Report also digs into which platforms the top online retailers in North America are using. That includes numbers for annual web-based sales and clients on our Top 1000 list. But it also includes an ecommerce platforms comparison with information on pricing, niches served, and volumes of sales flowing through each via their customers on the Top 1000 list. In addition, each platform profile breaks down current and upcoming features that Adobe, Salesforce, Shopify, Oracle and others are deploying.


Ecommerce platform use cases and a guide to choosing the best fit

Among the trends seen in these profiles, a majority of platforms in the top 10 are rolling out new AI-enabled enhancements. These cater to use cases in search, inventory management, customer service and other areas. The report goes a step further, though, and delves into who’s getting it right and which uses for AI retailers find more useful. Then it delivers a handy walkthrough with tips for any online retailer trying to choose an ecommerce platform in today’s environment.

All of these details and more can be found in the full, downloadable 2024 Ecommerce Platforms Report, available now.

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