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The artificial intelligence-powered robots at Staples fulfillment centers will be part of a multiyear deal.

Staples and RightHand Robotics announced a new multiyear agreement that will see RightHand’s RightPick robots deployed across the floors of Staples fulfillment centers. The robots, which fit into larger fulfillment automation plans at the office supplies giant, will perform item handling with an underlying goal of shortening delivery times.

The robots will run on artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software, also provided by RightHand.

Staples ranks No. 14 in the Top 1000. The Top 1000 database is Digital Commerce 360’s ranking of the largest North American online retailers by web sales.

Staples robots deployed for picking

Staples robots at fulfillment center

RightHand Robotics RightPick system in use at a Staples fulfillment center. (Image credit: RightHand Robotics)

“We have always valued automation, and we see it as the future of ecommerce picking,” said Amit Kalra, chief supply chain officer at Staples, in a released statement. “After evaluating other solutions, the RightPick system met our high performance and reliability standards, picking items with different shapes, packaging, sizes, and weight.”


In a video explaining fulfillment center priorities more broadly, a Staples representative describes the modernized workflow as follows: “Once a customer order is received, our software determines the best way to get the order through the system — a partnership of the robotics and workers. These automated systems handle the manual work while workers review every customer order for quality assurance.”

Subsequently, orders are carried to shipping areas to go out to customers. In the resulting process, the company spokesperson says that “Staples technology combined with our exceptional warehouse team is the future of logistics.”

How RightHand’s robots work

RightHand Robotics RightPick robot operating

RightHand Robotics RightPick robot in operation. (Image credit: RightHand Robotics)

“Our RightPick system sets a new standard in the flexibility, autonomy, and reliability of warehouse robotics,” Brian Owen, CEO of RightHand Robotics said in the companies’ press release. “We’re thrilled that Staples recognized the benefits of using our technology to further enhance their automation strategy. It’s great to team up with an established industry leader to optimize their fulfillment operations.”


The RightPick system includes hardware, sensors and software designed to prevent damage during the picking process.  In addition, RightPick indicates that they ensure certain performance and safety standards. According to the two companies, RightHand Robotics “nearly doubled the range of items” that its stations can accommodate, bringing the number of necessary human interventions down by 80% since the work with Staples began.

Ultimately, Staples hopes to leverage the technology to enable next-day delivery to “over 98% of the U.S.”

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