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Evereve staff model clothing and share their styling tips through video on the retailer's Evereve TV — and it's boosting sales.

It can be difficult to picture how a pair of jeans or a blouse will fit by looking at a flat, two-dimensional photo online. Women’s apparel retailer Evereve has its employees model clothing and features the videos online as part of Evereve TV.

“What we know about our customer is she is interested in fashion — but she’s not a fashionista and looks for guidance,” says Tom Nowak, chief marketing officer.

That’s why the retailer launched “Evereve TV” in 2021. It is composed of videos featuring how clothing fits employees. Each week, the retailer posts about four to five videos. There is also a livestreaming session on Monday mornings. The content has to be fresh because clothing items tend to sell quickly, Nowak says.

“We always have to be doing new content because there’s always new product,” Nowak says. “We can’t run these as evergreens.”

A popular video category is denim, specifically blue jean pants, Nowak says. There are videos that talk about overall denim trends and others of employees showing how different styles fit them. One video features a staff member showing viewers how to cuff the ends of jeans or what type of top to wear depending on the jean leg cut. A typical shopper views an average of 1.8 videos with a completion rate of about 60% for all videos which range from under a minute to as long as 5-6 minutes, Nowak says.


“There’s a pretty high completion rate,” Nowak says, without revealing more.

Evereve TV denim cuff

Evereve staff members showcase various types of jean pants and how to style them.

Evereve TV videos lead to higher conversion

Shoppers who watch Evereve TV are more likely to buy, Nowak says. From August 2023 through mid-September 2023, conversion rate increased 12.7% for shoppers who watched the videos compared with those who did not. Evereve did not share its overall conversion rate.

Currently, Evereve TV accounts for 4% of the retailer’s web traffic. “Our hope is to increase this over time,” he says.


Conversion for shoppers engaged with videos focused on denim was about 20%. The best performing denim video was a how-to styling wide-leg denim video. This particular video resulted in a more than 35% jump in conversion during the two-month period, Nowak says.

The average order value for shoppers who engage with any Evereve TV videos was 28% higher compared with those who did not during the August through mid-September 2023 period, he says. Evereve declined to share its overall AOV.

Evereve staff address body type and fit

Nowak says the Evereve customer relies on it for a curated shopping experience.

“Finding the right pair of jeans can be life changing,” Nowak says. “It’s an important category for us. It’s an emotional experience — will you come out of it feeling awesome, psyched or disappointed?”


There’s a nuance to fit, Nowak says. The ability to showcase different styles for different body types is valuable, he says.

“Having our staff represent those body types and personally talk through the pros, cons, things to look for — there’s a lot of trust in that because they have knowledge of the product,” Nowak says.

In addition to a higher conversion rate, Nowak says that customers tend to purchase more units of clothing at checkout after watching the curated styling videos. This includes complementary clothing items to go with a pair of jeans or more than one pair of jeans, he says, without revealing more.

Retailers are focusing on authentic brand voice — and conversion

Evereve plans to continue using Evereve TV to align in-store and online shoppers.


“Evereve is very much about the styling experience,” Nowak says. “It’s very high touch. Our NPS scores are through the roof. With ecommerce, we have to raise the question about how to bring that styling point of view and guidance into the digital universe.”

Net promoter score is a customer satisfaction metric that measures how likely customers will recommend a brand or product to a friend or colleague. Retailers conduct customer surveys asking for a ranking based on a scale of 1-10. Nowak did not reveal the actual NPS number.

Getting consumer attention is critical, says Calla Murphy, vice president of digital strategy and integrated marketing at Belardi Wong.

“Clients are focused on authentic brand voice — and conversion,” Murphy says. “We see retailers use video on product detail pages as well as in email and customer relationship management (CRM) efforts as well as in paid ads across Meta, Google, YouTube and TikTok.”


Nowak believes Evereve TV is the retailer’s best way to reach both in store and online consumers.

“We’ve figured out that to have our staff talk about the same things, products, needs, occasions and body type issues our customers can relate to is really at the heart of what we’re trying to do,” Nowak says.

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